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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Racking Up

Progress reported on 14/05/12.

Again more great progress over the last few days as the team picked up where they left off last week. New trim was put up across the ceiling joins along with the wooden rings which will hold the light shades. This was then brush painted in a brilliant white gloss to leave a very pleasing shiny white finish.

This was left to dry over night meaning that the following day, the edging strips between the bump area and the rest of the ceiling could be put on as well as some other areas of trim going downwards. After this, the original aluminium was dug out of store which joins the side panels and the ceiling panels. These were cleaned and put up. Finally, the first luggage rack was removed from store and around two hours were spent scrubbing it as it seems it hadn't been cleaned since 1993!

The clean rack was then aligned with the original holes behind the panels and bolted up. Sounds easy, but really isn't considering the rack is the same length as the compartment! The erection of the first luggage rack gives a real sense of what the finished article will look like.

Left: View looking forward of 'completed' side with rack up. Bottom Left: View looking backwards showing rack and trim. Bottom Right: View without the rack which reveals the aluminium joins.

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