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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073


Progress reported on 08/05/12.

Major progress over the long bank holiday weekend. The First Class Smoking compartment received wall panels hiding the framework we are all so used to! This involved 5mm plywood, cutting it to the correct size then cutting matching Formica, then screwing the panels to the framework. Some of the framework is wooden and some is metal which seemed to consume lots of drill bits as the screw size was only gauge 3.5. Finally, work started on trimming up the joins so that they are neat and tidy.

Additionally, Formica was glued to part of the ceiling similar to the vestibule. This is designed to offer some protection to the ceiling panel from luggage on the racks. This will be trimmed up in a similar way.

Many of the original 1950s window frames from the main large windows are rotten and will probably have to be replaced so they will not go back just yet.

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