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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Engine Start and Vestibule Progress

Progress reported on 09/04/12.

Lots of exciting progress over the last few days as a result of the Easter weekend.

Work continued in the vestibule area which is now looking fantastic. The new ceiling was put in and then fully trimmed up, with Formica added above the doors. The refurbished door which took just a week due to good weather was hung in its rightful place after all of the trimming was completed.

The ceiling trim will receive a paint along with the ceiling panel in due course. Further staining is required on the door slam pillars and two window surrounds have to be completed with the stain and varnish (one for the door that the glass smashed in). Corner trim has been obtained and will also receive the stain and varnish treatment in due course.

The very exciting news was the "first" start of the engine! Whilst the engine did run briefly a few years ago, this was the first proper start up - meaning that the engine was started from the vehicles electrical system, coolant tank and fuel tank. This was a major exciting achievement after work had been done to connect up the engine to the onboard fuel tanks and then make the battery cells good enough to start the engine. As it was the first proper start up, it took a long time to crank the engine so some assistance was provided to the fuses so that they could cope with unusual demand!

Above left: A view of the vestibule with the new ceiling panel, trim and both doors hung.
Below left: Another view showing the new Formica on the walls and the original 1959 Formica restored on the door and pelmet.
Below right: Caught on camera! The engine start up.

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