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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The Drivers Door Christmas - A Time for Little Jobs

Progress reported on 02/01/09.

Christmas and New Year is always a difficult time to get jobs done because we may all be off work, but all of the supplies are closed!

Determined not to let this stop us, we performed the small tasks that were not necessarily glamorous but were nevertheless necessary.

The photograph shows the progress on the woodwork. Both the beam down the left and the sliding gear pelmet have been sanded, prepared and stained. Even the door stop (top right) has been stained. The original Formica has been cleaned down and is now as good as new.

Although it is difficult to tell from the photograph, the aluminium surround has had some attention from wire wool and metal polish making it look like a mirror! The same treatment was applied to the two vertical strips above.

The stained window surrounds that were done previously will be screwed on when the screws arrive from the supplier.

Because of the cold weather condensation is a real issue. In order to try and combat this we decided to install the ceiling insulation. We await the arrival of the new ceiling panels. The centre strip was left because that is where the wiring for the lighting will go - the insulation will be installed after this is sorted.

The Formica was also given a real good scrubbing so that old grime didn't get buried under the new panels once they were installed.

It all looks very colourful!
Ceiling insulation
The door
Here you can see the door which slides between the drivers compartment and the First Class (Smoking). The 1980s Formica has been snapped off to leave the original 1950s colour underneath. Whilst it does have a few scratches on it, it does look quite good.

In the photograph, a start has been made on stripping down the wooden edges ready for staining and the window surround has also been removed for staining. A handle will be fitted later.

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