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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Electric Progress

Progress reported on 30/01/12.

Excellent progress over the last few days with many members of the team working on various different areas of the vehicle. A small team set about connecting the fuel pipework that goes between No.2 engine and the fuel tank. This turned out to be more difficult than first anticipated and a possible start of the engine had to be delayed due to lack of time.

Inside the vehicle, other members of the team continued to chip away at the orange Formica remaining and nearly managed to remove it all except for a few pockets of resistence remaining. This will be completed shortly ready for covering with new Formica.

Attention was also turned to some of the electrics in the cab which hadn't yet been investigated by the team. To our surprise they were in much better condition than expected and, with some work, the team managed to connect up the drivers throttle and gear controllers electrically. Despite continuity on the wires and voltages where necessary, a proper test will not be possible until more of the mechanical components are made operational. Afterwards, thoughts were turned to other loose wires in the cab and these were traced to what they do from schematic diagrams. Amazingly the communication buzzer in the guards van still worked after nearly 20 years when pressing the button in the cab!

The image shows the drivers throttle controller wired to the schematic diagram.

The story will be continued shortly...

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