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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

  More Formica

Progress reported on 23/01/12.

As the natural progression of the restoration is going to be about putting up panels to create "walls", there is going to be a certain Formica flavour in the coming months.

As reported previously a start has been made around the passenger entry doors and the latest progress includes the door card for No.2 passenger door (this is the metal panel that covers the window scissors). The metal was given anti-corrosive rust treatment and then re-Formica'd.

More progress was made in removing the horrible orange Formica from the rest of the vestibule area, ready to receive a better pattern.

The image shows quite interesting comparisons. It shows the new wood effect Formica which the team are installing around and on the door, the horrible orange colour which BR decided would become corporate in the late 1970s and it also shows the nice original Formica which was ruined to stick the orange on to.

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