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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The vestibule Its Formica Time

Progress reported on 30/12/11.

As New Year approaches, there is a window of opportunity to continue working on the vehicle. Indeed it is hoped that there will be many windows of opportunity in 2012.

The vehicle was in need of a good tidy up and sort out to allow the internal restoration to restart. It is difficult restarting a project after so long as it is easy to forget what had been done and where things were. The vehicle was tidied to keep the walkway through the Guards Van clear (this is defined by the luggage cage). For the first time since restoration began, the end corridor door was opened to allow the team to walk though into the adjoining vehicle (51505) which is nearing the end of it's refurbishment. It was most strange to walk through into "the 119" from another vehicle!

It was then decided to start work on refurbishing the vestible area. There is only one on this vehicle. The decision was made because most of the materials required were already to hand as buying materials during Christmas week was difficult.

Some stripping of the horrible orange Formica took place and the area around the No.2 side passenger door was stripped and refurbished with new Formica. It is not quite the same shade as original but it is woodgrain nevertheless. The aluminium trim was given the wirewool treatment before being returned to the right position. Some scraping of the signage on the aluminium door that will be given a fresh coat of paint took place to reveal the original 1950s warning signs!

The image provides a glimpse of it coming back together gradually. Unfortunately, there was torrential rain outside which gave a bad light for the photograph so it is difficult to see the woodgrain pattern in the Formica.  Note the heritage signage.

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