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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Class 119 Restoration Restarts

Progress reported on 03/12/11.

It may have appeared as though this microsite had not been kept up to date but in actual fact it has genuinly been 23 months since the team last worked on 51073. However, today the team finally had time to work on the vehicle again. A Class 101 TSL and a Class 101 DMCL have been refurbished in the intervening months since 51073 was last worked on. Whilst 'the 119' may have been pushed to the back of the restoration queue for a time, the team feel that the skills and techniques developed on the other projects will help this project progress quicker and with a better standard of finish.

There is now a window of opportunity to work on the vehicle once again so without delay the vehicle was shunted out of the siding and placed on the pit once more. It is very difficult to remember after such a long time the state of play with various things, however it wasn't long before it all came flooding back and proceedings were in full swing.

Today, the high-side vacuum tank was adjusted on its cradel to allow the vacuum oil pot to sit correctly on its mountings. Once this was in place, the valve which keeps the tank pressure to 28" of vacuum was returned to the vehicle after it had been refurbished off site.

Before the light fell, a start was made on installing the air intake oil filter to No.2 engine.

Hopefully this day will not be a one off and the restoration will continue more readily.

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