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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The roofing Scrape, Chip and Chisel!

Progress reported on 10/01/10.

And still the snow continued to fall in one of the most prolonged cold snaps this country has seen for many many years. The last time the country saw a winter like this, the unit was in it's hayday!

As for the restoration work, whilst work continued on the painstaking restoration of the original Formica on the back bulkhead, a team of people worked on removing the rust and bitumen paint from the sides and ceiling in the Second Class compartment in preparation for this to be painted with anti-rust paint. In just a weekend, the majority of the compartment was completed and the structure was not as rusty as first expected.

The anti-rust paint cannot be applied in freezing conditions, so in the meantime the lighting could be sorted out as well as woodwork on the windows frames started.

This is a general view looking down the unit from the cab backwards. It is sometimes worth considering these views to show exactly how much progress has been made. All three compartments are basically clear and are restored to varying degrees. The first compartment is pretty much ready for side panels to be installed, whilst the middle compartment is waiting for the remaining insulation to be installed before the ceiling is put up and the final compartment is just being scraped ready to receive the anti-rust paint.
The view

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