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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Insulation New Year Tidy Up

Progress reported on 02/01/10. Updated on 03/01/10.

First working day of the new decade was spent mainly in tidying up to allow work to progress better. The first hour of the day was spent installing some insulation into the small First Class Non-Smoking compartment. Unfortunately, we ran out of insulation before the whole compartment could be completed so only around half has been done. It still makes a big difference though, especially with snow outside and ice formed on the inside of the unit!

The rest of the day was spent clearing out the Second Class compartment which had been used as a store up to now. This enables work to continue, with the desrusting, anti-corrosive cycle starting again in there as well. The compartment was mainly full of seating but most of this has now been removed apart from the two double seat frames where the seats are back-to-back.

Interestingly, we also removed a tiny bit of the horrible orange Formica in the vestibule to discover the nice original wood grain Formica underneath. Hopefully this isn't too damaged and can be rescued.
The back
Above: The rear bulkhead between the compartment and the Guards area. Some of the cream Formica has been snapped off to reveal the original underneath. It is a shame that this has been damaged when the cream was stuck over the top and some of the finish has come off. Having said that, some of the damage will be covered up by seating and also the BR bulkhead mirrors which sit either side of the doorway.
The front
Above: The other end of the compartment. It is in pretty much the same state as the other compartments were before work started on them. It shouldn't be too long before it is looking a bit more green (of the anti-corrosive type of course).
The header tank
Above: The coolant header tank for Engine No.2 is installed underneath one of the double seat frames. To the left of the photo, you can see the water heater pipes that will need removing.
The bulkhead
Above: Snapping off the cream Formica which was damaged on the rear bulkhead revealed the original Formica underneath. As explained earlier, this is slightly damaged but will probably be salvagable. This view shows the whole bulkhead with the cream removed. Some of the door surround has also been removed. The door is finished in the same Formica as the bulkhead and matches beautifully. The dark area on the right is where a small test piece of stain had been done previously - the stain looks better in real life than it does on the photo! The white marks on the left is the glue that remains which can be removed.
Rust removal
Above:  A view of the roofing that has been derusted. This will be painted in anti-corrosive green once the whole compartment is finished. Above the door, the thermostatic heater controls have been removed as these overcomplicate the heating system and were never very realiable anyway.
The vestibule
Above: This is a view of the vestibule. Removing the foul BR Orange Formica reveals the original Formica underneath. Unfortunately though, this time, it is probably too damaged to be rescued.

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