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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Corrosion Prevention Preparation in First Class (Smoking) Compartment

Progress reported on 21/12/08.

Progress has been moving on apace in the last month, with the majority of the First Class (Smoking) compartment having the rust ground off and then having Anti-Corrosive Green paint applied to everywhere (well it was supposed to be the sides and ceiling, but but it just got everywhere in the end!).

As you can see in the picture, the sides have had the paint applied and you can also just see where some new ceiling insulation has been put up. The Formica at the end has been cleaned to make the area look better. It doesn't sound much to write down but getting over ten years worth of rust off the sides was a huge task - luckily the metal work underneath the rust is quite good.

The wooden window surround has been removed from the driver's bulkhead and the pelmet from above the door has also been removed for refurbishment. The door has been taken down to make it's refurbishment easier.

Although it is not easy to see in the photograph, the aluminium window surrounds have also been cleaned up with wire wool and metal polish and now look (and slide) much better.

This is a shot looking backwards. As you can see, the Formica there has also been cleaned up and the paint goes all the way to the bulkhead. The window frame has been carefully removed as have the aluminium strips that rise vertically from the doorway have been removed for cleaning. The left-hand area above the door appears dirtier but it is actually the wires for the lighting hanging down awaiting a sort through.

The doorway itself has had the surround sanded but this will not be varnished until the compartment is almost complete to avoid damaging the finish when moving objects in and out.
Looking backwards
The window surrounds
This shot shows a wooden window surround laid out to dry after varnishing. It is surprising to see the difference between the old brown colour and the new varnish finish.

The power handle and gear controller also happen to randomly be sitting on the floor.

Dark outside and the crew are still working...

Even though little work had been completed in the cab, the opportunity was taken to apply rust-reversing paint to the desk frame. This just so happened to be a fetching pink colour!

As the weather was dry on this day, the batteries on the unit were charged up which enabled the crew to see that the cab lights, marker lights and panel lights all worked!

I don't think the drivers or the passengers would be very pleased if it was left this colour...
The desk

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