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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The green compartment Middle Compartment Goes Green

Progress reported on 29/11/09.

After many hours of rust removal the First Class Non-Smoking compartment has finally be drowned in anti-corrosive paint. This will stop the compartment from rusting once all of the insulation and panelling has been installed. It doesn't sound like much to do this task but it is a piece of work that, once complete, looks very satisfying and shows progress well.

In the photograph (left): A portion of the compartment looking very green.
Above: A cross-section view looking down the bulkhead - the wooden door frame is ready for staining but it is also interesting to see what the frame looks like once the insulation is in and what it looks like with just the anti-corrosive paint.
The floor section
Above: Whilst the anti-corrosive paint was flowing, the opportunity was taken to revisit an area underneath the edges of the old lino which was slightly rusty.

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