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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Pipework removed Pipework

Progress reported on 22/11/09.

As a later modification to the unit, British Rail decided to trial water heaters for one side of the unit whilst keeping the conventional Smith's heater on the other. The water heaters would receive hot coolant from the engine and fan the heat out into the saloon. Copper pipes ran up from Engine No.1 into the saloon, and fed water heaters in both the First Class Smoking and Non-Smoking compartments, as well as one underneath the drivers seat before returning the coolant back to the engine. The problem with these in preservation is that running at the standard 25mph, the engines do not run up to full speed thus meaning that they do not generate enough heat to make the water heaters effective. With this in mind, the team made a decision to remove the pipework and just run the unit with one Smith's heater. The Smith's heaters are brilliantly effective and will be perfectly sufficient for the intended usage of the unit. As you can see in the photograph, removal of the pipes has revealed an area which will need some anti-corrosive treatment. As an added bonus, the removal of the pipes saves the team having to construct boxing to cover the pipes up and install new water heaters.

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