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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Wooden window surround Engine Motors

Progress reported on 08/11/09 updated on 09/11/09.

A major milestone has been achieved. Engine No.2 ran for a little over a minute on Friday 6th November 2009, the first time an engine had turned on the unit for 16 years. Some of the systems needed to start the engine are still not in place and therefore this was just a short test, before the rest of the work is carried out. The engine was ran by bypassing the unit's batteries which, unfortunately, need to be changed as they will not charge properly. The fuel pipes from the engine to the fuel tank are also not in position so just over a minutes worth of fuel was fed into the engine from a hose pipe. Once all of the necessary adjustments have been made, a video will be taken of the engine running!

Work has also continued this weekend on some internal work; due to the colder weather setting in. The monotony of stripping paint from window surrounds and then staining and varnishing them begins again. This is still extremely important work and will contribute greatly to the overall passenger experience.

Other work done includes finishing the painting of No.2 engine exhaust which has been removed as well the varnishing of one of the internal doors on which work had started months ago and didn't get finished.

After a break because of working on other vehicles to keep the fleet moving, it was nice to back on the project.

In the photograph right: First Class Non-Smoking internal windows surrounds after staining and varnishing.
The engine bursts into life
Above: The first smoke comes out of Engine No.2, a celebratory sight for all concerned.
It's claggin'
Above: Another view of the engine running.

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