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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

51073 in the Platform at Wirksworth Take A Peek...

Progress reported on 06/10/09.

Due to other commitments on the railway, the team have not been able to spend much time working on the unit recently which is rather a shame because progress was really continuing apace.

The railway's penultimate event of the operating season for 2009 saw the annual Railcar Association Convention come to town. A successful event was had using all of our operational units. But so that "the 119" didn't feel left out, it was brought down to Platform 1 at Wirksworth to join it's friends for the celebration. The unit was available for the public to peer inside and look at the work that is being done. It is not very often that the public see a restoration part way through, let alone see the unusual layout internally that the vehicle has got.

Hopefully, work will continue as we head into the winter period because the team will have more time available.

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