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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Wire brushing Exhausted and Just Slightly Moist!

Progress reported on 01/08/09.

The next task on the agenda was to remove the exhaust of engine number two. This was necessary so that the exhaust itself could be cleaned up and paint as well as the main chassis of the unit. Part of the exhaust also had a large crack in it where it had simply rusted through over the years, so this was a prime opportunity to weld it up. Greasing up the bolts (as mentioned in a previous update) really helped but the sheer length of some of the exhaust components meant that it didn't come off without a struggle - in fact, the heater inlet had to be removed to get it out. This wasn't such a big problem though as this will need to be cleaned up and painted eventually anyway.

The various exhaust components are then wire-brushed (as above) and given several coats of special heat-resistant paint. As you can see in the photograph, the silencer and one part of the exhaust have already been given one coat of many.

In other news, a small leak has been discovered in the roof of the First Class Non-Smoking. Luckily this compartment doesn't have any ceiling panels or insulation in yet so it can easily be remedied (it seems to be coming from where the ventilators were originally - as so many DMU restorers know, these are a common source of problems).

Now that the exhaust has been removed the next task is to get the needle gun onto the chassis and clean that up, then paint it in protective underframe paint. It seems a bit excessive at the moment but it will all be worth it in years to come!

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