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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Wheelset A Wheelie Good Paint Job

Progress reported on 19/07/09.

Progress has been somewhat slow recently with team member holidays, railway event days and the like, but a solid day was spent on the unit today with plenty of progress.

After being extensively needle gunned, the wheel sets received a nice coat of paint. The bogies had been painted a long time previously and are starting to get a bit dirty. They will probably be cleaned down and given another coat of paint in the future. The unit looks much smarter with the wheels painted to match the bogies. The brake blocks were painted too for good measure. Anybody who has tried to paint wheels before will know what a task this is because it is impossible to reach all of the wheel at one time. In order to paint the whole wheel, one has to constantly move the unit backwards and forwards so that unpainted areas of the wheel can be reached. It becomes a faff but looks good in the end!

What does look impressive is when the engine is cleaned down and painted in a classic metallic blue colour, a colour which was often seen on engines which had been overhauled at a certain BR workshop! Finishing the engine in this colour really makes the under frame look very classy. Now all we need is to get it running....

Whilst the wheel sets were drying one of the engine air baths was rubbed down and painted ready for fitting.

No2 Engine

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