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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Painting A Tarting Up

Progress reported on 31/05/09.

With the weather so glorious now that we simply cannot work inside due to heat (doesn't seem like long ago since everybody was moaning it was too cold to paint!), the team decided to do some under frame work. This included the removal of dirt build up from throughout the vehicles life (some of that dirt must be 50 years old!) and then applying a nice coat of paint.

In this photograph, you can see some nice shiny aluminium paint has been applied to the radiators for both engines. The air tanks were originally white and will be repainted this colour eventually.

As you can see, the various covers have been picked out in black as mentioned previously, as well as the exhaust that was painted up a while ago and still hasn't been hung properly.

Other areas have been or will be picked out according to the "original" colour scheme. This is apparently orange for electrical connections, white for control air system and red for fire and emergency equipment, as well as battery charger sockets.

The engines will also be painted up once they have been prepared. One of the bogies that hadn't been previously painted has now been transformed courtesy of 'British Rail Underframe Black' slop.

Work on the under frame is ongoing.

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