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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Happy Birthday to Me!

Progress reported on 20/05/09.

Progress has been somewhat slow recently with all of the gang being involved in other railway activities for public services, as well as keeping the other units running perfectly.

10th May 2009 saw a birthday celebration at Wirksworth Station, held for all of the units at the railway that are 50 years old this year. 51073 is one of them, and whilst she was wasn't in a fit state to run in any consist, she was parked at the station for members of the public to venture inside and take a look at the restoration.

The photograph shows the interior looking at its 'best' for public viewing. It must be said that members of the public do not often get the chance to have a guided tour of a vehicle that is part-way through restoration.

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