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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Guards Compartment looking backwards Before Getting Started Inside

Here are some photographs from inside the unit before work properly commenced.

This shot shows the Guards Compartment looking towards the back of the vehicle. As you can see, there are components everywhere which will need to be sorted and removed.

An interesting feature of this unit is the cage for luggage. The cage was added for safe luggage storage during the unit's time working between Reading and Gatwick Airport. It is also completely in tact!

In the centre of the picture is the exhaust which will need fitting and also some toilet tanks which do not belong to this unit - who knows how they got in there? There is also some side panelling that will probably just be scrapped to allow new panelling to be applied.

This is a view of the Guards Compartment looking towards the cab. As you can see, most of the equipment for use by the Guard still remains and it is believed that they are in reasonable working order. Of course, the heater panel doesn't work as there is no heater installed underneath yet but a new set of batteries recently proved the guards lamp works a treat!

A good paint up and this area will look lovely.
Looking south
2nd Class 
This is the 2nd Class compartment looking towards the driver's end. Some of the seats remain and they are in reasonably good condition. They will definitely need a clean up. Leaning on the seat in the centre of the image is the emergency ladder!

Towards the rear of the photograph are the strip lights that were installed during the 1980s overhaul. We have decided not to install these in the unit, instead opting for original 1950s tungsten lighting to give the unit a better feel. The wiring for the lighting is in reasonable condition, which is also a bonus.

The Formica on the bulkheads is the 1980s style. We attempted to take a small piece back to the original which is underneath but unfortunately it is damaged by glue. This means that a good clean up on what is already there will have to suffice. The intention is to strip the wooden window surrounds of paint, sand them back to wood and then varnish them.

This photograph really brings home the amount of work that needs to be done.

As you can see, there are the strip lights that were mentioned before. Also lurking there randomly is the gear controller. We are not sure if it works properly but a good clean up should help. You can also see the differences between the 1980s Formica and the original Formica that is on the compartment door in the background.

The linoleum is in poor condition but the steel work is good. This means that eventually, the linoleum can be replaced without too much hassle.
2nd Class again 
1st Class Non-Smoking 
This a view from 1st Class Non-Smoking looking through 1st Class Smoking towards the cab. As the majority of people smoked in the 1950s, the Non-Smoking compartment only contained 6 seats! At the moment though, it is a store for all of the seats. This will be sorted through and cleared to allow work to start. They might not look it, but the seats are only in need of a clean and nothing much else.

On the floor in the Smoking compartment is the new roof insulation.

Of course, due to law changes, the whole unit will be No Smoking when it enters service after restoration. 

This view is of 1st Class Smoking looking backwards. This is to be the first compartment that will be cleared and worked on.

The luggage racks will be removed for refurbishment but those seats are very comfortable so they can stay right where they are.

The full condition of the compartment will be seen once it is cleared. 
1st Smoking looking towards the back 
The Cab Desk 
The cab will be worked on last because it gives the group opportunity to work on the underneath and make sure that all systems are working before they assemble the cab for use.

The panelling for the desk was discovered further down the train but the intention is to install new panelling again.

The majority of the controls were also found further down the train, including the throttle controller and gear controller. Usefully, the brake column is in place. The 'Air & Axle' panel will be left as the 1980s version as the wiring is complete and seems in very good condition. A speedometer and Control Air gauge will need to be added.

Lurking around the area are virtually all of the required items to rebuild the desk correctly. The only thing that will need to be added is a heater control. This shouldn't be too difficult as this unit is only designed to have one saloon heater anyway due to the length of the Guards Compartment.

New seals will also be added to the cab windows to ensure that they are completely water proof.

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