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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

W51073 Introduction

After leaving service in 1993, Class 119 DMBC W51073 stood for many years as a spares vehicle. The majority of useful parts were stripped along with the extensive asbestos that lined the ceiling and wall panels. Luckily, it was rescued from the scrappers just in time as this vehicle is one of just three surviving of its class! It is also a strange vehicle as it consists of mainly first class accommodation, a huge guards van with a cage and only one passenger entry door!

Until now, only small pockets of work had been carried out on the unit with a major repaint being of note and also the hanging of final drives, refurbished engines and gearboxes. Photographs of the unit before the repaint can be found here on railcar.co.uk.

Internally, very little work had been carried out with only a small amount of woodwork being completed.

But in November 2008 a small team of volunteers decided to take on the mammoth task of restoring this unit to its former glory - not easy when there is an entire fleet of units to keep running too! Read about the story unfolding on the following pages. This would be the first DMU restoration to take place at the railway.


Whilst work progresses...
The 119 with it's mates
At the station with shedmates
On the pit

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